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Specializing in resolving business & family disputes for individuals, companies, and families.





Resolving Business Disputes

We pride ourselves in representing clients both in Canada and abroad in an increasing number of business disputes. Our firm has extensive legal expertise in negotiating  and mediating conflicts as well as litigating business disputes in court and arbitration. 

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Drafting Agreements

We routinely draft business and family law contracts such as shareholder agreements, separation agreements and share or asset purchase and sale contracts. Our dispute resolution experience also allows us to anticipate possible future issues.

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Resolving Family Disputes

Successfully representing clients' interesting in family law cases requiring extensive expertise and a sophisticated approaches. From complex asset division to high range spousal support, we routinely obtain successful results.

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Mediation Counsel

Mediation can be a great tool during the lifespan of a conflict, not only for the purposes of settling the dispute but also for information gathering and testing the opposing side's case and your own. Contact us to set up a mediation, including a virtual mediation via Zoom.

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Resolving Corporate Disputes

Shareholder and corporate governance disputes comprise a large percent of our cases. We first perform a detailed analysis after which we provide you with a variety of legal options to pursue.

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Arbitration Counsel

Our principal, Marco Francesco, is a renown arbitration lawyer who regularly vigorously represents clients domestically and abroad in a variety of arbitrated business disputes. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Arbitration from Oxford University and sits on the Advisory Board of the Institute of Transnational Arbitration and is listed on the prestigious Institute of Energy Law Energy Arbitrators List.

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At Stanley Park Legal, the client always comes first. We usually start with an incremental approach both in terms of cost structure as well as dispute resolution tools. After our initial consultation, our team provides you with a variety of potential courses of action to pursue and a review of the implications of those actions and the estimated cost. 

Whether your dispute involves a breach of a business contract, a shareholder dispute, or a family case involving complex asset division and support, our team prides themselves in offering great service in a timely and cost effective manner. Call us to set up and appointment and see the difference. 


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Marco Francesco
Lawyer & Arbitration Counsel

Marco is an experienced litigation lawyer and arbitration counsel who routinely advocates for client's interests in the Supreme Court of British Columbia as well as a number of tribunals, domestic and international.


He holds a Juris Doctor (UBC) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Commercial Arbitration (Oxford Queens College)

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Tess Guay
Articling Lawyer

Tess is a former RCMP officer who took early retirement after 17 years of service. His experience in interviewering witnesses, questioning and cross examining opponents and experts, and following the document trail is renown. 


He is currently completing his  Juris Doctor at Thompson Rivers University.

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Tamara Pfister
Legal Assistant

Tamara's caring and attention to detail are astounding. She's our client liaison point person and is your first line of communication with us. 

Before joining the firm, she was a full time yoga and pilates instructor and a business advisor for individuals in her life. 

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